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Causes of insomnia in women and men (treatment)

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Causes of insomnia in women and men (treatment)

Insomnia can bother not only after 50 men or women, but also at a young age and even adolescents. In this article, we detail

Sleep is very necessary for a person, because in this state the brain performs some processing and cleaning of all the information that it received in the last day. Sleep is vital to all of us, like air, so insomnia needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. Otherwise, insomnia will gradually deplete our body. In this article, we will examine in detail the causes of insomnia in women and men, as well as their treatment.

Swedish scientists conducted an experiment, 15 (absolutely healthy) people took part in it, who needed not to sleep exactly one night. After the experiment, volunteers experienced memory failures, dizziness, and impaired concentration. Scientists explain this by the fact that insomnia affects many natural processes in the body and disrupts them. The most surprising thing was that in case of sleep disturbance in all volunteers, the body began to accumulate subcutaneous fat.

The main causes of insomnia in women, men and adolescents

Excessive experiences

Various stresses


sleeping pills



Sedentary lifestyle

Gadgets (sitting at bedtime at the computer \ phone)

Poor blood circulation (cold feet)

Symptoms and treatment Doctors very often recommend various sleeping pills in the fight against insomnia. Unfortunately, most of these drugs give serious side effects, so it is not recommended to use them constantly, only with severe sleep disturbance. If you stubbornly decided to take sleeping pills, then use it in a short course, about 2-3 days, in order to avoid getting used to the body. The next such course can be repeated in a few weeks.

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If you do not want to sit on various sleeping pills, then you can resort to folk recipes, or rather medicinal herbs. They have a calming effect and really help a person fall asleep. You can add to this list: motherwort, hawthorn, valerian, melissa and chamomile. Just do not need to mix all or several components at the same time, it is better to choose one and try it on yourself, because all people are individual and each one will have something different for themselves. If you feel the effect of the listed plant, then you can safely apply it for several (up to 3-4) weeks.

If you have valerian (in tablets) in your medicine cabinet, then so that it has a really good effect, it is recommended that you take not 1-2 tablets at night, but several (3-4) at once about half an hour before your sleep. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the fact that on some people (again, due to individual characteristics), valerian acts as a pathogen. These people may try hop cones or melissa instead..

calm down

If you have been tormented by regular insomnia, then you should be aware that this problem alone can not be solved with herbs or tablets. Therefore, in order to deal with this problem correctly, you need to try to completely change your life, of course, for the better. And you need to start with a healthy lifestyle, but the most common cause of insomnia is stress, as well as a sedentary lifestyle. If you want to improve your sleep state, then you just need to increase your physical activity. At least you need to walk for about an hour before bedtime, but not just before bedtime in the literal sense, but in a few hours, so that the central nervous system can calm down. Ideally, of course, it is advisable to do some kind of sport, it is desirable that it be time-consuming, for example: dancing, swimming or a gym.

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The next tip will be – compliance with the permanent regime. What does it mean? Try to do everything on schedule. Besides the fact that you will have to get up and go to bed at the same time, it is also advisable to do relaxing stretching before bedtime, for a soothing effect. It will be like a ritual, so that the body understands that it is followed by a dream. The main thing is that it should not be a smartphone, because it increases brain activity and it becomes even more difficult to fall asleep.

Before going to bed, it is also recommended to cool and ventilate the room in which you will sleep, as well as a pillow. It would be much better to sleep in such a room and on a cool pillow.

Very often, the cause of insomnia becomes a banal lack of certain vitamins, this includes the vitamins of group B. If you have long been suffering from insomnia, you can additionally drink the vitamin-mineral complex or vitamins of group B, but keep in mind that they are poorly absorbed in the intestines, so they are best pierce by injection. By the way, magnesium + B6 also have a calming effect..

To fall asleep easier, it is recommended to eliminate daily overexcitation. Try to live a certain time without tea and coffee, not to mention the energy. Some people specially drink tea / coffee at night to calm down, but this, of course, is a big mistake. If you suddenly want to drink something and calm down, then it is better to drink milk with honey, and for this to be useful, you can drink kefir.

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After 50 years, many begin to take various drugs, without thinking about the serious consequences afterwards. It is important to know that some medications that you may have been taking for many years can also lead to insomnia. Therefore, if you suffer from this ailment, then you should check the annotations of those drugs that you take.

Another interesting point! Why do young children fall asleep and sleep so well? And the whole thing is the knowledge of the world and new experiences! And oddly enough, new experiences really help to fall asleep perfectly. After all, a dream is a “place of laying memories”. Therefore, you need to visit more interesting places, travel, start learning a new direction in your life or even a new language.

If you read this article and made the appropriate conclusions, then you can forget about insomnia after a short period of time. But if the situation is much more complicated and nothing helps, then you should consult a psychotherapist or neurologist. In most cases, this ailment has a psychogenic origin. Remember – your life will depend on what variables and constants you define for yourself..