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Feijoa beneficial properties and contraindications

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Feijoa: beneficial properties and contraindications |

Feijoa- a very useful and valuable fruit that can be bought at almost any supermarket. Feijoa has a high iodine content as well…

Many people have heard about such a tropical fruit as feijoa, it has a sweet and sour flavor and has a pleasant aroma of pineapple and wild strawberry. However, some actively use these berries as an effective diabetic, not even suspecting that this may not only not help, but also harm the diabetic. For this reason, it is worth learning more about which feijoa has beneficial properties and contraindications, and how to use the fetus with benefits for the body and health..

What it is and where it grows Feijoa is a special exotic berries that contain essential oil, which tastes somewhat like fruits such as pineapple and strawberries. However, only ripe berries, whose flesh resembles jelly more in structure, may have full-bodied taste characteristics. It is in this case that people have the opportunity to enjoy the true taste and aroma of the fruit. But unfortunately, it is practically impossible to transport ripened berries over long distances, therefore, for export to other countries, including our state, the fruit is brought unripe. Although qualified specialists say that even the fruit that ripened under artificially created conditions still has all the beneficial properties.

The fruit is an evergreen tree that grows to a height of no more than four meters. In this plant, the fruits have an oval appearance and a green hue, outwardly somewhat similar to small zucchini. Ripe berries are soft to the touch. A tree grows in Brazil and the states of Central Asia. The plant blooms with attractive large flowers, and the leaves of the feijoa have a silver color.

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Useful properties of fruit These berries have a fairly large amount of iodine, so it is useful to eat them for pregnant women. During the bearing of a child, the girl’s body often experiences a deficiency of this component, and it can be replaced by frequent consumption of fruit. It is also perfect for maintaining health for those people who have been diagnosed with thyroid disease, which is also associated with a high iodine content. Doctors often advise eating feijoa for gastritis, vitamin deficiency, gastrointestinal ailments, pyelonephritis and atherosclerosis..

For women during menstruation, the remedy can help remove severe pain and easier to survive “these days”.

For the treatment of a variety of skin ailments, he actively uses essential oil as an anti-inflammatory medication. An extract from berries is characterized by a strong antibacterial and antifungal result. The composition has a small number of calories, but a lot of fiber and mineral components, because they are often eaten during diets.

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Also, this fetus has increased antioxidant capabilities. Leaflets and tree bark have an antiseptic and disinfecting effect, can be used in the form of a healing agent. A decoction of feijoa leaves can effectively help from pain in the teeth and with bleeding from the gums.

If we talk about the usefulness of the fruit for men, then we can say that sometimes the properties of the fruit are simply priceless. Urologists all say that feijoa is useful for prostatitis. If you consume several berries per day, then you can prevent the recurrence of the inflammatory process of the prostate, so feijoa can be taken as a prophylaxis, and for direct treatment.

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In addition, the fruit has an excellent therapeutic effect on the hormonal background of men, so if you have any problems with sexual function, you can safely eat feijoa.

Contraindications Despite the fact that the fruits have a huge number of useful properties, there are a number of contraindications in the use and absorption of feijoa, among which the following should be noted:

The fetus is forbidden to eat with allergic reactions.

Do not use feijoa with diabetes mellitus.

If there is an individual intolerance to this fetus, that is, it is also prohibited.

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Recipes In order to further enhance the beneficial properties of the fruit, you can use some medical recipes for the preparation of decoctions, preserves and so on..

Universal recipe. It is necessary to dry and wash, cut the tails, the peel can not be removed. Then you need to twist everything in a meat grinder and add sugar, as well as nuts, orange and other healthy fruits to taste to the mixture. Mix all this thoroughly and put in the refrigerator. A delicious porridge should be eaten one teaspoon three times a day.

With jaundice, goiter and other similar diseases. In such cases, it will be useful to drink tea from the flowers and leaves of the plant. About how to cook it is worth telling in more detail:

In equal proportions, take one tablespoon of the leaves and flowers of the plant;

Pour the composition with a cup of boiling water;

Leave to infuse for thirty minutes. Drink tea should be twice a day.

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Thus, it becomes clear that the presented plant is a very useful fruit, which has many properties that help with various diseases. However, you must also know the contraindications and follow the recipes and recommendations.