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Hematoma on the leg after contusion quick treatment

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Hematoma on the leg after a bruise: quick treatment |

How to treat hematoma on the leg quickly and correctly at home? In fact, if you do everything quickly, then the hematoma is not a very long process.

If you went to this article, then you are probably interested in the question: how to properly treat hematoma on the leg after a bruise? To understand this in detail, you first need to determine the very concept and origin of the hematoma.

A hematoma is a kind of trauma, from a blow by a blunt object or a bruise as a result of which, capillaries and small vessels (less often large) burst, and blood accumulates in tissues and muscles. Bruises are small in size, do not cause inconvenience to a person, but it also happens that they can be accompanied by pain, severe swelling, fever.

The presence of blood accumulation in tissues is not always associated with trauma. When a person notices the appearance of bruises not related to bruises, he is advised to consult a doctor for advice. Symptom may indicate blood diseases, genetic pathology, metabolic disorders.

How to determine if you have a hematoma? After receiving a blow to the leg or a bruise when falling, you can find the following symptoms:

A swelling and swelling appeared at the site of the impact..

The skin at the point of impact changed its color to dark red or cyanotic..

Pain that impedes leg movement at the site of bruising.

The occurrence of temperature in damaged tissues or the whole body.

blood clot

Bruises formed on the legs can be divided into the following types:

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Internal hematoma. It is located in the layers of muscles, because of which it can not always be seen on the body. The neglected form is dangerous in that it can lead to rotting of the damaged area, the appearance of atrophy of tissues and muscles of the leg.

Subcutaneous hematoma. The point of blood accumulation after an impact is localized under the skin and does not affect the deep muscles. Localized most often on the knee, lower leg or thigh.

Bruised finger. The resulting bruise can be limited to a lesion on the finger or go to the foot. It is characterized by severe pain, the dark blue color of the damaged area. But after a couple of days, the bruise site turns purple-yellow and the pain subsides.

The occurrence of these lesions is dangerous for people with poor blood coagulation (diabetes or hemophilia). They cause bleeding that is dangerous without special treatment..

What therapy is acceptable for this type of injury The first minutes after a bruise or shock are important, since they can compensate for the harm caused to the body. After the injury, first aid should be provided, it consists in the following:

The foot should be at rest. It is necessary to seat or lay the person on a flat surface and raise the injured limb.

At the site of the injury, apply something cold (an ice bladder, a bottle of cold water, a cloth that was moistened with cold water) for 15-20 minutes, then remove it for 30 minutes, and then repeat the procedure. On the first day, cold is applied to the injured limb. In the following days, it is recommended to apply heat to the hematoma.

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Upon receipt of damage, it is recommended to contact the emergency room in order to determine the degree of injury, to find out if there is a bone fracture and whether it is necessary to remove the hematoma surgically.

blood clot

How to treat a hematoma If after first aid and examination by a specialist you do not have a fracture, treatment begins for a hematoma on the leg after a bruise. The procedure consists of two stages of therapy:

The general treatment of hematoma involves taking medications (pain medication, vitamins P and C, to strengthen the walls of blood vessels).

The general treatment includes a physiotherapy program, tight bandaging of the leg with an elastic bandage, applying heat from the second day after an injury or warming compresses, various ointments with heparin can also be used (to accelerate the resorption of a blood clot).

Sometimes, in the treatment of hematoma, surgery is prescribed. A blood clot is removed using tissue dissection, suturing and aseptic (sterile) dressings..

There are folk remedies for eliminating hematomas

Folk methods have been used by more than one generation. For rehabilitation, you need to take a tablespoon of honey and mix it with flour and apply the mixture to a compress. Lotions of vodka (half-alcohol) are also used, in which gauze is moistened and left attached to the injury site for 5-7 hours.

For the treatment of hematomas, a mixture of radish with mustard is recommended (but with this method, care should be taken not to get a skin burn). Saline baths are also used for therapeutic purposes..

The appearance of bruises in diabetes even from minor bruises is a common occurrence. With this disease, the tone decreases and the fragility of the vessels increases. With diabetes, coagulation factors decrease, which can be life-threatening..

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It is impossible to predict the occurrence of injuries (of any origin), but properly provided first aid, timely medical attention to diagnose the condition and adherence to the prescribed treatment, always contribute to a quick recovery.