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How to get rid of feelings and stress

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How to get rid of feelings and stress |

How to get rid of feelings and stress? How to defeat this state and get out of it as a winner? It is difficult, but nothing is impossible…

Stress is the body’s inverse reaction to a difficult situation, nervous tension, or danger. With stress in the blood, an increase in the concentration of cortisol and adrenaline is observed, as well as a metabolism is activated, heart contractions and breathing become more frequent. Stress helps to mobilize all the resources of the body, which is an effective defense for it..

However, systematic stress caused by various factors causes great harm to the body, especially the nervous system, and can also lead to a number of different diseases: hypertension, heart attack, weakened immunity, impaired cerebral circulation, the development of a depressed state, etc..

5 effective ways to get rid of stress1 Rest. The most common cause of continuous stress is overwork. Constant lack of sleep, a large amount of work, bad habits lead to nervous exhaustion. Allow yourself a vacation, take a vacation, buy a tour, for example, to Cyprus and go on a long-awaited trip. If there is no way to drop everything, go to a neighboring city, to the mountains, to nature. A change of scenery really heals.

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2 Solution to the problem. The mass of unsolved problems exacerbates a person’s stressful state and even leads to neurasthenia. In order not to wallow in stress, take a sheet of paper and write down all your unresolved problems and deeds. Step by step, rake up all outstanding work, do the cleaning of the house, fix broken things, make peace with those with whom you were in a quarrel. Remember the main thing is that if it is impossible to solve the problem, you need to change your attitude towards it and start living fully.

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3 Neutralization of sources of irritation. In order to bring your nervous system in order, it is necessary to exclude the source of irritation from your life. Think what annoys you? Perhaps you feel bad after communicating with an envious girlfriend, you are tired of unnecessary advice from relatives, rudeness in public transport. Try to neutralize the identified source. Remove “toxic” people from your surroundings, minimize communication with unpleasant relatives, get personal transportation or use headphones when moving in public.

4 Change of life for the better. Many people suffer from stress because their lives are devoid of happiness. It is possible that a stressful condition for you is a guide for changing your life for the better. Think about what makes you happier? Maybe you should go with friends on a trip, sign up for a section or a gym, change your hated work, move to live separately from your parents in a rented apartment, etc..

5 Keeping a diary. It is dangerous to accumulate irritation, resentment, anger and anger. Breaking off on loved ones is also not a way out of this situation. Psychologists recommend keeping a diary where you can write down on paper all your discontent, accumulated resentment, anger. It is proved that spilling out your thoughts manually on paper effectively allows you to throw off a heavy emotional burden from your shoulders, and leads to a gradual relief from stress.