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How to pump biceps on the horizontal bar and parallel bars (exercises)

parallel bars

How to pump biceps on the horizontal bar and parallel bars (exercises)

In this article we will tell you how you can pump biceps on the horizontal bar and parallel bars quickly and efficiently. All exercises will be from kalisteniki, i.e. work with your weight.

How to pump biceps on the horizontal bar and parallel bars quickly and efficiently? Is it even possible to pump up biceps in street conditions, using only your own body weight (calisthenics)? Of course you can, and the guys from the Bar-barians and Bartendaz are proof of this. They made such a body thanks to persistent workout exercises on the street, without visiting the gym, without barbells, dumbbells and additional equipment. In this article we will consider the best and most effective biceps exercises on the horizontal bar and bars, doing only calisthenics.

Biceps is divided into internal and external parts (long and short heads), it can also be conditionally divided into lower and upper parts. For most athletes, it is the bottom of the two-headed one that lags behind, this also applies to those who train on horizontal bars and parallel bars, i.e. workout. Although the development potential of the hands lies precisely in genetics, the topic is no less, there are also exercises that can develop both the bottom and the peak of the biceps. To do this, you need to train brachialis – a muscle that runs directly under the biceps, it is it that makes the arm wider and pushes the biceps out. Therefore, we will divide all exercises into three groups:

Emphasis on the bottom;

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Peak building;

total weight.

But here you need to understand that all exercises train the entire biceps completely, we can only emphasize the load on a certain site. Therefore, it is impossible to use one of the two bundles separately, regardless of how strong the neuromuscular connection would be.

parallel bars

How to train your biceps correctly? When training hands (at first), you need to constantly think about the position of the elbows. When you involve one joint (in our case, the ulnar joint), and exclude the remaining muscle groups and joints, thereby, you achieve the necessary reduction in the working muscle group. Remember, you will get the maximum benefit from exercises only if you make the movement mainly due to the elbow joint, while fixing the remaining auxiliary joints. In the future, this process is not necessary to control, because the brain quickly and well builds a neuromuscular connection.

The wider the grip, the more the internal beam works; accordingly, to work out the outer part, you need to take a narrow grip. When pulling the elbows forward, the inner short beam also works more.

The best biceps exercises on the horizontal bar / bars Here, the accented load goes to the lower part and to the brachialis. The movement must be performed exclusively due to the strength of the hands, excluding the back. It can also be performed on a low horizontal bar (for a change), but the brachioradial muscle will steal the load. In order to have maximum stretching in the eccentric phase, it is necessary to lower not along a strict vertical line, but along an inclined.

This option allows you to focus on the bottom of the biceps. By changing the angle of the body, you can change the level of load. You can take both reverse and direct grip. In my case, the low horizontal bar was not near, so the exercise I show is not very technical. To make it harder, follow the movement on a regular horizontal bar (hephaesto).

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Exercise with a belt is a rather complicated, but very productive version, due to this the load on the biceps muscle increases, and the support of the elbow from below allows for the greatest isolation. This exercise can also be done with two hands to ease the load. Better of course with one hand, but with different variations, for example, lean with your second hand for resistance (if there is no belt), or as in the first version with elbow support (see photo).

This embodiment allows you to load the same brachialis (brachial muscle), which many have not even heard of. She pushes the can out and makes the peak more expressive. In addition, brachialis gives the width of the hands, as a result of which the volume of hands increases. Try on each new hand training, include exercises with parallel (neutral) grip.

Negative pull-ups are a rather complicated basic exercise, which requires a lot of hand strength. The most difficult thing here is to slowly and uncontrollably fall on one arm. This movement can be performed both direct and reverse grip. Do not be alarmed if at first you won’t be able to do it even once, over time, your muscles will strengthen, and you will master this movement.

pump biceps

The most effective exercise to build the total mass of the biceps in the street. Moreover, it is more effective than 90% of all biceps exercises that exist in the gym. If we take into account the popular lifting barbell for biceps, then even they can not be attributed to the number of basic movements simply because the movement is due to one joint. Perform pull-ups smoothly due to biceps, without helping yourself with the rest of the muscles. Bending can be done with or without tape, helping with the second hand. For the best effect, pull-ups should be performed with a different grip on each new workout..

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Pulling backwards is the most basic exercise for biceps. Almost all exercises that most people do for biceps are isolated, i.e. only one joint works. This option is basic because of the fact that several joints work in it. When we use the direct grip, the muscle that works under the biceps (the shoulder) works more, and when it is the opposite, the two-headed muscle works accordingly. These two muscles are very important for the development of biceps, because the shoulder muscle pushes the biceps out, so the arm looks much larger.

Recommendations for effective hand training:

Constantly bring diversity to your training process so that your muscles do not have time to adapt.

Try to regularly follow the progression of loads.

Alternate workout intensity.

Use additional equipment: loops, vest, weighting materials and not only.

So that small muscles do not lag behind, do not forget about training large muscle groups.