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How to pump triceps on the horizontal bar and parallel bars (top exercises)

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How to pump triceps on the horizontal bar and parallel bars (top exercises)

In this article we will consider the best (TOP) exercises for triceps on the horizontal bar and parallel bars with their own weight. Quickly and efficiently pump triceps calistenica.

In this article we will analyze the best triceps exercises with your weight (calisthenics) on a bench and horizontal bar. If you think that it is impossible to pump up triceps in street conditions on horizontal bars and bars, then you are deeply mistaken. We have 8 excellent exercises in our arsenal, thanks to which your triceps will simply explode (in a good way) from the happiness of frantic efficiency.

Triceps anatomically divided into three conditional bundles: long, lateral and medial. It is impossible to evenly load all three beams at once on the horizontal bar and uneven bars with one exercise, you can try to do this in a gym, and even then, with certain limitations. The thing is that this universal exercise should immediately take into account all the anatomical functions of the triceps at the same time, which will be very difficult to achieve within the framework of one approach, not to mention the genetic predispositions of each person. After all, what do our triceps do? They extend the shoulder, extend the forearm and lead the shoulder. You can try to reproduce this option, taking into account several anatomical functions. To do this, you need to combine two movements: a dumbbell press with a narrow parallel grip and bringing your arms back with an angle (about 90 degrees), and then return to its original position but in reverse.

But even in this embodiment, only two anatomical functions are used – extension of the shoulder and forearm.

Since this article refers to the system of training with your own weight (calisthenics), and does not apply to exercises in the gym, we will simply distribute all exercises into three main groups:

Exercises focusing on the inner beam

Exercise-focused exercises

Medial bundle exercises

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Knowing that in almost all exercises all three beams are involved in the work, but with different intensities (depending on the position of the hands), we can thereby change the emphasis on them in different ways, taking into account the anatomical factor. For example, in order to shift the emphasis to a long head, the exercise needs to be performed with the arm retracted or raised, and for the medial and lateral head, you can spread your elbows and pierce the hand, but this is not recommended in all exercises.

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How to properly train triceps?

Pressed elbows. If you take into account such popular triceps exercises as push-ups on the uneven bars, push-ups from the ground or a narrow grip press (two hands are simultaneously involved), then in these movements the elbows should be pressed to their comfortable position. If you try to spread your elbows to the sides, then in this case the load will shift to the pectoral (pectoral) muscles and the efficiency will decrease significantly from the trained muscle group. It is worth noting that when breeding the elbows outward, the lateral head begins to work more actively, this can be used as an advantage in some exercises.

Fixation of the elbows. In some exercises (for example, sliding push-ups), the elbows must be clearly fixed to work exclusively triceps. If the rest of the joints will be included in the work (the movement in the joints is due to the muscles), then the additional muscles will take on the load, making the effectiveness of the exercise several times lower.

Turn the brush. When supination of the hands (turning outward), the load is shifted to the long head, if the brush is pierced, the load will go to the lateral head.

Mental connection. When you train the triceps muscle, then for the best contraction you need to think about this muscle group. That is, you need to use the power of thought (neuromuscular connection) to concentrate as much as possible on the working beam and try to feel its work. Believe me, this method will bear fruit!

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Warm up. Warming up the joints before training is very important, because most injuries arise precisely because of a negligent attitude to the prologue of training. If you practice outdoors (especially!) In the winter, the risk of injury increases significantly, so it is recommended to use bandages, in addition to the standard warm-up, wrapping them on your elbows.

If you have poor dynamic flexibility and elasticity of the joints, then from complex exercises where only one arm is involved, it is better to refrain.

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The best exercises for triceps with their weight This exercise perfectly loads the entire triceps as a whole. If you want to put more weight on the lateral head, the elbows should be spread apart, the arms should be narrow and the fingers should form a triangle. The farther the hands from the body, the more intensively the long head begins to work. To make it harder, hands should be placed closer to the body, and to facilitate the movement and remove the load from the joints, it is better to perform it on an inclined bench.

Push-ups on one arm are quite a popular exercise and this is not surprising, because thanks to this option, the load on the muscles increases significantly. But to make it even more effective, you should put your feet on any hill. But only experienced athletes will like such a solution, in order to facilitate the performance and remove the load from the joint, you can do push-ups from the bench.

Concentrated push-ups are quite rare in sports practice. Usually, it is performed with two hands, but since this article is devoted to the best exercises, to load the muscles to the maximum, you need to perform it with one hand. In order not to injure the joint once again and not stick its face into the ground, you should help yourself slightly with your second hand. Also, as a variety, this exercise can be performed on a low horizontal bar, then the grip will be straight.

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One of the favorite exercises of Arnold and Lee Priest, it loads the long head most of all. To perform the exercise correctly, you need to squeeze your elbows directly and try not to breed them, as well as do the maximum amplitude of movement (move your head further under the crossbar). Be sure to include it in your training program if you want to make your arm wider.

You can push up from the bench in different ways, and this option is a confirmation of this. The position of the brush plays a key role here. If you put your hand in your fingers towards you, then the medial bundle will be loaded to a greater extent. When the brush is rotated 180 degrees, the load is shifted to the lateral head.

Push-ups by the house or as they are also called “pike” do not load the joints as much as some of the previous ones. In terms of efficiency, the higher your legs are, the more difficult the movement will be. Elbows should not diverge so that shoulders and chests are less involved. With the right technique, good results can be achieved..

What to do if there is nothing nearby except a regular horizontal bar? Is it possible to train triceps on the horizontal bar? After all, the horizontal bar was created exclusively for pull-ups (not counting the exercise. Pre), where only the pulling muscles work! Even here there are some good exercises that train triceps on the horizontal bar.!

You have probably seen this exercise before, it is called “Korean push-ups.” It is very problematic to perform, especially if your buttock muscles prevail. It loads the medial bundle well, but for this you need to grab the crossbar with a grip on yourself.

And the last exercise is push-ups from the horizontal bar. At first glance, it might seem that there is nothing complicated in it, but if you straighten the body along, the load will change and the movement will become much harder.