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How to pump up your forearms in the street and at home

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How to pump up your forearm in the street and at home

Here we will consider training on the muscles of the forearms in the street and at home, draw up a training program, and also analyze all types of exercises

Good day, in this article we will consider the training of the forearm muscles in the street and at home, draw up a training program, and also analyze all types of the most effective exercises for this muscle group, using rubber loops, a towel and just a regular horizontal bar.

The muscles of the forearm are divided into the posterior and anterior groups, in each of which the superficial and deep layers are distinguished. The main muscles are: flexors + extensors, as well as the brachioradialis muscle. The main functions of the forearms are five: extension, flexion, outward and inward turns (the so-called pronation and supination), as well as compression.

In order for the forearms to be not only large, but also functionally strong, they need to be trained not only in dynamic mode, but also in isometric mode, i.e. perform their main function. In this case, any visas, holding various objects will be much more useful in this regard than any flexion and extension with a barbell or dumbbells in the gym.

Let’s look at an example of all kinds of the best exercises for the muscles of the forearms that you can use in your arsenal.

Forearm exercises We start with a regular towel, as these exercises are considered one of the most effective.

Types of Exercises with a Towel

Visa (on two or one arm)

Various pull-ups on a towel

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Ordinary flexion brush with a towel

Hammer flexion brush with a towel


Brush supination

Also, let’s look at exercises with rubber loops that can be performed both in the street and at home..

Types of exercises with rubber loops

Hand grip curls

Hand grip curls “hammer”

Cross bends

Carriage (Normal and Power)

Supination (conventional and strength)

Wrist extension

street home


And finally, you should also consider the exercises for which we only need a horizontal bar. You can use them anytime, anywhere, if there’s absolutely nothing at hand except the usual crossbar.

Types of exercises on the horizontal bar

Hanging on one hand or fingers

Rolling and rolling fingers on the bar

Alternate change of grip on the horizontal bar

Straight narrow grip pull-ups

Pull-ups / visas with elastic bandages

Wrists in the wrists on a low horizontal bar

Examples of effective workouts Now let’s look at examples of workouts. There will be three of them, but based on the knowledge gained, you yourself can make up a training program for you from exercises suitable for you.

The first program will be aimed at training the VOLUME OF MUSCLE BODIES.


Hanging or slow pull-ups on a towel

Raises hands with loops direct or parallel grip

Wrists with supination wrists

The first exercise is visas or slow pull-ups on a towel. This is a rather difficult exercise, but it’s very effective, in which all the muscles are worked out well, but especially the inside.

The next exercise is the usual reverse grip flexion. The large brachioradialis muscle works here, which just gives volume to the forearms.

And the final chord here is the bending of the hands in the wrists with supination.

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Perform the exercises one after the other without rest, after each round, rest for up to one minute. As for the number of sets and reps, do 3-4 sets of 20-30 seconds for each exercise.

The next program will be aimed at strengthening and tenacity of the grip. A couple of exercises will be enough here..


Rolling and rolling fingers on the bar

your forearms

Various visas with expanders \ bandages \ towel or just on the fingers

The first exercise is rolling and rolling your fingers on the bar. And the second – various visas, here you can use expanders, bandages, a towel or just hang on your fingers. Also do three sets to failure, preferably with extra weight.

Well, if you want to maximize the load on your forearms, make them not only strong, hardy, but also functional, i.e. to use all 5 basic functions of the forearms: flexion, extension, squeezing, as well as supination and pronation, then for this we need, respectively, all types of 5 exercises. But you need to perform this training strictly on a separate day..

Hanging on a towel

Supination with loops

Pronation with loops

Bending the brush with a towel

Extending the hand with loops or raising arms with a loop grip

(3 sets of 20-30 seconds per exercise)

Training FeaturesHow to Train Frequently?

The forearms, like other muscles, are not recommended to be trained often. This is due to the fact that the muscles and tendons of the forearms are in constant load. They participate in all exercises for the top of the body, because whatever you do, you always hold on to something, in addition to this, there are also everyday activities. Therefore, it will be enough to conduct only 1-2 workouts per week.

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When to train?

Perhaps the best time to train is the period after pumping your hands (in particular biceps) or back. This is due to the fact that after various lifts or pulls, your biceps will steal less load from your forearms, and besides, you will thoroughly warm your joints. Suppose you want to train your forearms twice a week, in this case, train them immediately after the biceps on one day, and on the other after the back.

Little trick

If you work on volume and swing your forearms on a separate day, then first bore the brachialis with hammer bends, but you need to do this so that the forearms are not heavily loaded. To minimize the work of the forearms, the rubber loop must be put directly on the radius. This is necessary so that the brachial muscle does not steal part of the load from the brachioradialis muscle.


Change the order of exercises and the exercises themselves in your programs

Use peak delay in exercise for a few seconds

For functionality, include various exercises with supination and pronation of the hand, small muscles, ligaments and tendons work in them.

Always fix the brush in exercises

The forearms need to be trained in a variety of ways, i.e. change the range of repetitions periodically.

Do not forget about the nutrition in which should be present: chondroitin, glucosamine, gelatin and collagen.