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How to quickly get rid of cellulite at home on the priest and legs

How to quickly get rid of cellulite at home on the priest and legs

In this article, we will consider the most effective options for the quick disposal of cellulite at home on the priest and legs. All that we understand…

There are many offers on the Internet and on TV that promise fast and effective methods to eliminate cellulite. However, often all such appeals and commercials are an ordinary deception, do not give the desired result or require a lot of time.

Sometimes such decisions can be not only ineffective, but can also be hazardous to health. Therefore, today it is worth considering in more detail really good ways of how to quickly get rid of cellulite at home on the priest and legs..

Without making any efforts to achieve any result is almost impossible, and this is a fact. To fight the “orange peel” on the pope and legs, there are many effective methods and tools that can be used both comprehensively and individually. These tools and methods include:

Cosmetical tools;



Proper nutrition;

Physical exercise.

In order to understand what exactly suits you, you need to consider each method in more detail.

Cosmetics Choosing an anti-cellulite cosmetic product is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Of course, you can buy the cream in the store, but its cost is several times higher than the folk remedies prepared at home. But the effectiveness of such funds is almost the same. It is not difficult to prepare an anti-cellulite product at home, among the most simple and affordable ingredients it is worth highlighting:

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Coffee. This element will be able to activate metabolic processes in the body, improve blood circulation. The easiest option is to make scrub from coffee grounds and honey.

Red pepper. This ingredient helps to improve microscopic circulation, improves blood flow to the skin due to the warming effect. However, pepper must be used carefully, always mixing with honey or other emollients. Not suitable for very delicate and sensitive skin..

Essential oil. It is best to use citrus oil. The tool tones and nourishes the skin, improves metabolism, removes toxins. It can be used in pure form or with other components..

Choose a set of components should be individually, taking into account the type of skin and personal preferences. You can also mix all of the above components, you can add extracts of various plants (better than those that do not irritate the skin) to scrubs and creams and algae.

Creams and scrubs should be applied to clean and warmed skin with massage movements. Each area should be given at least five minutes of time, rubbing the product. It is best to apply the cream 1-2 times a day.

Massage A very effective anti-cellulite massage is considered to be done on clean and warm skin. Massage aids can also be cooked at home. For example, simple honey may be suitable..

Massage should be started slowly, gradually working out all the problem areas of the buttocks and legs. Movements are done carefully so as not to cause injury. You can stroke, rub, pinch, clap. It is recommended to massage at least once every seven days in a period of twenty minutes.

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Wraps In order to make wraps at home, you must correctly choose a tool that will be completely safe for your body and suitable for the skin. For example, the most common remedy is honey and citrus fruit oils, however, if you do not have an appropriate allergy.

For the procedure, you need a food film, the skin must be washed and warmed in advance. After applying the product and making a light massage, tightly, but without pinching anything, wrap the problem areas with a film, and then dress and cover with a blanket. So you should hold out for about forty minutes, then you need to wash yourself with warm water and smear the area with a soothing cream. It will be most effective to perform the procedure three times a week.

Nutrition plays an important role in the elimination of cellulite, it must be balanced and low-calorie. The diet must be different and full, have fiber, a complex of vitamins, proteins. It is necessary to remove or limit the use of sugar, pastries, soda, smoked and salted foods. You also need to drink water and liquids, not less than 1.5 liters. per day. Eat more citrus and dairy products, almonds, caffeine.

Exercises Loads must be required. Among the most effective exercises are the following:

Hoop. The hoop is very effective for weight loss, especially suitable for women who seek to reduce weight and cellulite after childbirth. Just 20 minutes a day you should twist the hoop to have a slim figure.

Jump rope. You need to jump slowly for about 15 minutes daily, with each training session you should increase the duration to 40 minutes per day.

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Squat This is the most common squats, and with a wide setting of legs, and plie, and with jumping. You must complete at least 25 squats daily. This will remove the “crust” on the buttocks and legs, strengthen muscles.

Thus, it becomes clear that it is quite possible to eliminate cellulite from priests and legs at home, without spending a lot of money and time on trips to salons and centers. An integrated approach is considered the most effective, however, if you use at least one of the above options, this will also give a positive result..