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How to treat toenail fungus at home 1

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How to treat toenail fungus at home # 1

In this article, we will consider in more detail than treating a nail fungus on the legs and arms at home with folk remedies and not only.

Most people in their life are faced with a problem such as nail fungus on their feet or hands. This is a problem that can be eliminated, but only if treatment is started in the early stages of development. Since fungal diseases can not only destroy the nail plate, they also give a person unpleasant sensations. If brought to a neglected form, then be prepared for soft tissue pathologies. Onychomycosis very quickly begins to negatively affect healthy nails, so you should immediately get an appointment with a doctor as soon as you notice symptoms. Let’s consider in detail how to treat nail fungus on the legs and arms at home.

Key symptoms of fungal infections The following symptoms may indicate that you have a nail fungus:

the nails became rather rough and brittle;

there is a deformation of the shape of the nail;

there are inflammations around the nail plate;

exfoliation of nails;

fungal infections

the formation of dull or dark areas on the plate.

How can I get a fungal infection? If a person has a fairly stable immunity, a healthy skin, and he regularly follows all the rules of hygiene, then the chance of “catching” a fungal infection for him is reduced to zero. The fungus is able to penetrate the human body through microcracks, rubbing and other damaged areas on the body. Reproduction of these harmful cells can provoke:

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excessive sweating;

dry skin;

wearing uncomfortable clothes and shoes.

There are even some factors that only contribute to infection with the fungus, for example: varicose veins, decreased immunity, various endocrine diseases, contact with people suffering from onychomycosis. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the development of fungal infections: flat feet and too narrow a distance between the toes.

Why is the disease dangerous? The main problem is that the fungus does not pass by itself under any circumstances. As soon as it begins to penetrate the nail plate, it will gradually destroy the hard surface. Then periungual tissue will begin to break down. With advanced stages of the disease, you just need to urgently consult a doctor. Which doctor treats the fungus in an advanced state? To get started, consult a professional dermatologist. This must be done, since the last stages of the disease cause a person to have an allergic reaction, intoxication of the body, as well as damage to internal organs. As a treatment, special drugs and folk remedies are now offered, in any case, self-medication is bad for the general condition of the body. How to treat and how much time, only employees of medical institutions know. Most often, a whole range of therapeutic procedures is used..

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Diagnosis and proper treatment of the problem In basic situations, nail fungal diseases arise due to dermatophytes, yeast and mold fungi can also be found. In order for a specialist to be able to prescribe a suitable treatment option, he must direct the patient to take tests. In this case, scraping is done from a diseased nail, due to which you can find out the type of infection. Each of the drugs necessary for such diseases contains active substances that are not recommended for use without the appointment of a doctor.

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Some people at home begin to smear the affected area with iodine, in this situation it is ineffective. Local preparations for home use:

Spray and special cream Lamisil. The effect will be noticeable a few days after active use. The main advantage of the drug is that it has an antifungal and antiseptic effect. The tool can be used even by young mothers.

If the situation is not resolved, some doctors recommend using a spray or Terbix cream. Due to its composition, it is able to destroy fungal infections, preventing them from developing in the future.

As oral medications, you can use fluconazole, mycozoral. These medicines have no side effects; they can be used by pregnant and lactating mothers. Recommended course of treatment – up to half a year under the supervision of a treating doctor.

Mandatory actions in the treatment process During treatment, it is required to treat shoes with disinfectants. If a fungal infection is present not only on the legs, but also on the hands, then treat also gloves, towels, bedding. These are mandatory steps to minimize the risk of reinfection..

Are you often in the bathhouse, sauna, attend a public shower? We recommend periodically prophylaxis of fungal infections, use baths with apple cider vinegar for this. Treat propolis sometimes with legs and arms. If you do not trust folk methods, use pharmacological agents.