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Ingrown toenail treatment at home SS

ingrown toenail

Ingrown toenail treatment at home | SS

Consider in more detail the problem of ingrown toenail on the big toe, home treatment with folk remedies.

Everyone wants to improve their own state of health, for this, most people go in for sports, eat right and consume many vitamins. But there are difficulties that a healthy lifestyle is not able to influence in any way, for example, an ingrown toenail. This is a problem that can cause a person a lot of unpleasant sensations and inconveniences. As soon as you notice pain, discomfort, you immediately need to start treatment. One of the main methods of dealing with the problem is to eliminate uncomfortable shoes and walk barefoot at home as much as possible. We will analyze in detail such a problem as an ingrown toenail, treatment at home.

What causes the problem of an ingrown nail? If you rely on the opinion of experienced doctors, we can say that the problem is formed solely due to improper pedicure. This means that you simply do not trim your nail properly. This is the main reason, but there are others:

Infectious diseases that affect the compaction of the plate and the change in its shape;

Tight shoes are also one of the main reasons. Especially if the shoes are too narrow, the fingers will be uncomfortable, they will be located as close as possible to each other, because of this, the nail begins to grow in the periungual roller. In addition, because of this, the finger is damaged, it begins to bleed, hurt. If the problem is not resolved, irreversible consequences may develop..

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The cause of the development of the problem may also be trauma, for example, a heavy object was dropped on the edge of the foot. In this case, the nail will cut through the skin and become deformed. In the future, it will start to dig strongly into the finger, which will lead to large wounds.

In some cases, even no reasons are needed, this is solely due to the structure of the nail. In many people, the edge of the nail has an arc shape, respectively, every day it will increasingly dig into the periungual ridges.

Often this problem is inherited. In this case, the problem should be eradicated even in childhood, when it is quite possible to do it even at home. If you bring to a neglected state, you will need the help of an experienced specialist.

The main symptoms of the problem Each finger has a huge number of nerve endings, so any defect is very painful. The main symptoms include:

nail compaction;


painful sensations;

toenail treatment home


the formation of strips on the nail plate;

shade change;



If you do not proceed to the treatment process in a timely manner, the problem will turn into a running one..

You can independently fight the disease, but this is only realistic if the problem is in a state of origin. In case of complications, pus formation, consult a specialist immediately.

Algorithm of actions to deal with the problem at home

First, you need to release the nail plate from the skin roller. It is necessary to steam the legs in a special solution with the addition of an antiseptic. It is better to use a strong herbal decoction, you can use a string, chamomile, etc. If there are no herbs, then use a poorly diluted potassium permanganate solution. Remember that water should be warm, but not boiling water, so that inflammation does not intensify. But cold water should not be, as it is not able to soften the skin.

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If in addition to the ingrown nail, suppuration has also formed, we recommend making a saline solution. When evaporated in water with salt, the abscess will begin to dissolve, a complex disinfection of the skin will occur. Once the leg is steamed, immediately treat the problem finger with an antiseptic. You need to soar your foot twice a day for half an hour to achieve the desired effect.

Then you can remove the ingrown part of the plate. Experts recommend combating the problem with a cotton swab. To do this, you need to raise the ingrown edge and insert a small cotton swab under it. Drive it in as deep as possible. Painful sensations are possible, but for the result, it is worth to be patient. Using such a simple technology, you can do without surgery, which is especially important if such a problem was found in a child.

After successfully placing the roller, it is necessary to put a medicinal compress on the surface of the nail plate. An ordinary bandage will do, fold it in several layers, soak with Levomekol or Vishnevsky ointment and attach it to the problem finger.

At all stages of therapy, try to walk barefoot. If this is not possible, do not wear tight shoes so as not to cause discomfort to the fingers. It is much better if you pick up the most free shoes especially for yourself, which will not squeeze your fingers at all, and you can walk in it without socks.