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Bruised Ribs symptoms and treatment at home

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Rib bruise symptoms and treatment at home

In this article, we will examine in detail how to treat rib bruises at home. The article will also show the best tools that..

Rib contusion is one of the most common chest injuries. The grounds for manifestation may be different, but you need to understand how to act in such situations. Due to the fact that many people do not want to spend a lot of time on treatment in the hospital, you can do the treatment at home. However, in this case, the well-known principle applies in order not to treat independently, but not to make it even worse. For this reason, it is worth considering in more detail what kind of bruised ribs symptoms and treatment are at home..

So, the reasons for the formation of a bruise are very different – from a direct blow to the chest area and ending with serious falls, injuries in road accidents and other situations. For the most part, a rib injury is not such a serious damage, although the treatment and healing procedure is quite long and unpleasant..

Taking out! Often a bruised rib can be accompanied by fractures and cracks in other bones, therefore, if the symptoms are more serious and painful, it is best to consult a doctor.

Symptoms of a bruised rib The main sign of a bruised rib is severe pain, which worsens during inspiration, coughing, or moving. Bruising, swelling, and bruising can occur in the area of ​​injury. In the instant of injury, respiratory failure is often manifested, it is lost or interrupted by coughing.

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It is recommended to seek the help of a doctor, since fractures can be diagnosed only after fluoroscopy. It is important to examine in detail the position of the internal organs of the breast cell. If breathing problems or pulses are found after injury, if blood is visible during coughing, emergency medical assistance is needed.

On the question of how long recovery takes, a definite answer cannot be given. However, as a rule, if the bruise is not very strong, after 2-3 weeks the patient will be able to lead a normal lifestyle. If painkillers do not work for about 20 days, then most likely the injury is more significant, there may be a crack or a fracture, so you should consult a doctor. Rehabilitation in this case will be longer. Therefore, you should be careful about the symptoms and your feelings..

Thus, the main symptoms of bruising are as follows:

Sharp pain after injury;

Red skin;

Dull pain at the site of damage that does not go away for a long time;

Increased discomfort during breathing, movement, coughing and sneezing;

Trouble breathing


symptoms treatment home


Some notice that a bruised rib appears without a bruise and does not know what to do. In this case, the pain is most likely not so strong, so the bruise is easy. It is necessary to treat, as in the usual case, however, it is then necessary to exclude ointments against bruises. But sometimes hematomas appear a little later, during the day or the next day, so you should carefully monitor this symptom..

Treatment for rib bruise; Treatment and treatment for rib injuries are performed exclusively by classical methods; surgical methods are not used..

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Initially, a tight bandage should be applied to the chest cell for fixation, movement should be as limited as possible. For the entire time of the acute course of the injury, bed rest is prescribed. The first day at the site of injury applies cold as a vessel with ice.

After a day, if there is a hematoma, therapeutic agents should be used, or rather drugs for resorption of the hematoma. About which ointments are suitable, it is worth talking in more detail. The most effective will be funds that relieve pain, swelling, dissolve stagnant manifestations:

Express bruise;

Bruise-off gel;

Final gel;




Heparin ointment.

When treating at home, it is advisable to use a fixing vest that will limit front movements. Often do compresses, it is possible according to external recipes, for example, from a decoction of calendula, aloe, vinegar. This will help relieve swelling and pain. You also need to drink pain medications: Baralgin, ibuprofen, analgin and so on..

Recovery time and chest pain Recovery usually takes up to three weeks. If the bruise is accompanied by a fracture, then this can take several months. Speaking about how much the chest hurts when the bruises of the ribs, it is necessary to understand that the pain will be present almost until the end of recovery, however, it will decrease every day. However, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs can provide effective relief and reduce suffering..

Thus, it becomes clear that a rib bruise is a rather serious and painful injury, but it can also be treated at home. However, to avoid fractures and cracks, it is recommended that you still seek the help of a doctor.

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