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The best press exercises on the horizontal bar and bench

part press

The best press exercises on the horizontal bar and bench

Pumping up the press is not an easy task, but if everything is done correctly, the result is not long in coming. Here we look at the best abs exercises.

In this article we will analyze the best exercises for the abs muscles on the horizontal bar and bench using rubber loops and more. But before we consider the exercises, we need to talk a little about the features of training the abdominal muscles.

The muscles of the press can conditionally be divided into three parts: the muscles of the upper and lower abdomen, as well as oblique muscles. It is impossible to train each region separately, as the abs muscles work entirely in almost any exercise. Simply put, you won’t be able to separately pump the cubes you need, but it is still possible to accentuate the load with the right technique and concentration.

For example, the upper part of the press is better pumped when the movement is made by the upper part of the body, relative to static legs.

And the lower part of the press is better pumped when the movement is done with the legs and pelvis, relative to the top of the body.

Also, without a small percentage of subcutaneous fat, you will not receive the treasured “cubes”. Therefore, first of all, you need to adhere to a balanced diet and monitor the amount of food absorbed. After you make a calorie deficit, you will lose weight, and for this you need to increase activity and lower the calorie intake. You can find more detailed information in the article “Nutrition for drying the body (without muscle loss)”.

To make the waist narrower, you need to perform the following exercises: vacuum, various twists and turns of the body, as well as trims. Do not train obliques with heavy weights, as in this case, you risk making the waist even wider. And in order for fat to leave faster, you need to train intensively, for this you can use HIT (high-intensity training), also try to run and move more during the day, i.e. increase household activity.

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If you have a small percentage of subcutaneous fat and you want to build abs, i.e. to make them more convex, then you need to work in the standard for hypertrophy mode of 8-12 repetitions. That is, intensity is important here, not the number of repetitions. You also need to perform heavy so-called basic exercises. If the exercise is very easy for you, then you can perform it using additional weights. Now let’s look at the exercises.

Exercises for the bottom of the press For emphasis on the lower part of the press, it is best to raise your legs on the horizontal bar. There are many variations, but for most it will be enough just to raise the socks to the crossbar. This load will be enough for hypertrophy of muscle fibers and just a good result. The advantage of this exercise is that it loads absolutely all the abdominal muscles quite intensively and especially the lower part, which is the worst trained. But for good technology, you must have good flexibility..

If this option is not enough for you, then you can train the press on the horizontal bar with additional equipment. Here you can use special weights, rubber loops or any suitable equipment. The most difficult option here is raising the legs to the crossbar using rubber loops, but due to the difficulty of execution and heavy load, the amplitude of movement will be shortened.

You can also use special weighting agents for the legs or raise a bottle of water. The plus here is that you can constantly adjust the load depending on the amount of content.

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If there is absolutely nothing at hand, then there is the option of raising legs with a corner. It is also quite complicated due to the constant load on the abdominal muscles, but to complete this option you should have well trained lower back and all the muscles of the cortex.

If you just plan to train the press on the horizontal bar and you have problems with stretching, then you can just raise your legs with bent knees at the very beginning.

part press

In the presence of a tape expander, you can perform double twisting while sitting with a tape. Good flexibility is not needed here, so you can consider this option as an alternative to the previous one..

You can still raise your legs while lying on a bench using tape. This is a very difficult exercise that will “thicken” the cubes of the press..

Exercises for the top of the press For an emphasized load on the upper part of the press, there are also a lot of good exercises, but we will consider three of them. Perhaps one of the best is prayer exercise. It can be performed both standing and on your knees. To work precisely the muscles of the press, you need to bend the body, if the exercise is performed with a straight back, then the iliopsoas muscle will work more.

If there is no expander at hand, then you can raise the body to the bar hanging on your feet. Here you can also use various suitable equipment to increase the load..

The last good option here is twisting while sitting with an expander. Thanks to the rubber band, the exercise becomes more difficult to perform, but the efficiency increases significantly.

Exercises for oblique muscles As for oblique muscles, I would not particularly train them, because in the case of an increase in these muscles, your waist will also increase. This will especially look ridiculous in the case of narrow shoulders, but we will still consider three effective exercises.

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The first exercise is the so-called “janitors.” Not every athlete can perform it, especially with the right technique. Here you need to rotate the body to the sides while holding a static load on the press itself. You can also use additional inventory.

The second exercise is somewhat similar to the past, but it is already a little easier to perform. To make it harder, use rubber loops to increase the intensity.

And the last exercise is lateral twisting on the horizontal bar. At first glance, it may seem that it is completely ineffective, but if you perform it with the correct technique and will also additionally contract muscles with the help of a neuromuscular connection, then you will feel muscle pain at the first approach.

Features of training abdominal muscles When performing various twists, many specially keep their back straight. In this case, only a partial load occurs (it turns out not twisting, but lifting the body), because the load is stolen by the lower back and lumbar iliac muscle! Therefore, from the dynamic load on the press we get static, i.e. twists turn into ordinary torso lifts.

It is also not recommended to raise your hands behind your head, as lordosis appears and the load on the lower back increases, so for beginners who have weak muscles of the cortex, it is not recommended to perform such twists.

If there is a problem with the cervical spine, then you can twist with a towel to stabilize and fix the cervical spine in order to reduce the load.

Well, that’s all, choose the most suitable exercises for you from one to three and train the abs from 1 to 3 times a week, rest between sets for a minute and remember the low percentage of subcutaneous fat and then your abs will definitely show itself!