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The best shoulder exercises for weight (calisthenics)

your elbows

The best shoulder exercises for weight (calisthenics)

In this article, we have collected the best weight shoulder exercises for training on the sports field, as well as at home..

Good day, in this video we will consider the best exercises for the shoulders in the street. If you are engaged in a workout, then you probably know how difficult it is to pump up your shoulders while studying only on the horizontal bar and uneven bars. Therefore, without good exercises and an understanding of the principle of training the deltoid muscles can not do.

Why do you need to train your shoulders? Firstly, the shoulder joint itself is complex and easily amenable to injuries, as it is involved in many exercises, including pull-ups and push-ups. Secondly, it is appearance. The overall perception depends on the width of the shoulders, because wide shoulders and a narrow waist are the standard for a male figure.

The shoulders themselves consist of three beams:

Front bunch (frontal);

Medium bunch (lateral, gives the width to the shoulders);

A back bunch (lagging behind at the majority;

back deltas

Due to its complex structure, the deltoid muscles belong neither to the pulling nor to the pushing muscle groups, because the shoulders can both pull and push. Therefore, one exercise that would uniformly load all the beams does not exist. In this case, for training the muscles of the shoulders, you need to use different exercises that would train different bundles.

There are so-called basic exercises, where several beams are involved at once, as well as isolating ones, in which the work is aimed at a particular beam. It is always necessary to begin training with basic exercises, and end with isolating ones. Beginners can use two exercises, but experienced can increase up to 3-4 exercises. Now let’s look at all types of effective exercises with rubber loops, as well as without any additional equipment.

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Exercises with rubber loops The first and main exercise that we will consider is a bench press sitting. It is basic and should be done first if you are training with loops. Lower your wrists to the level of your temples, and move your elbows apart. It is advisable not to extend your arms as much as possible so that triceps work less.

The next most important exercise is the raising of the hands. It gives the width of the shoulders and makes them more spherical. The elbows should always be slightly bent, while raising your hands pierce the brush (imagine that you have glasses of water in your hand and you gradually pour out the water). When doing, keep your back straight, fix the rest of the joints so that only the shoulder joints work.

Raising the arms in front of you – this exercise is designed to pump the front bundle of deltoid muscles and the frontal half of the middle deltas. It can be performed with either one or two hands. Raise your arms to shoulder level or slightly higher, and to load your shoulders even more, hold your hands with a parallel grip to take more weight, but for front deltas it is better to use a straight grip with moderate weight.

This exercise is used to work out the back deltas. Most often, it is the back deltas that are the weak link in most athletes. The arm should be slightly bent; when doing the exercise, try to work exclusively at the expense of the back delta, so there is not much weight needed. There are several additional variations: you can do it on an incline, and also use a horizontal bar so that as much muscle fibers as possible are involved.

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There is also an option in which both hands work, it is called the pull of the tape to the face. Keep your elbows as wide as possible and try to feel the back deltas.

deltoid muscles

A broach is also considered an excellent formative exercise in which the middle deltas are well developed. The distance between the palms should be narrower than the width of the shoulders. Raise your hands to the level of your chin while trying to spread your elbows as much as possible. Resistance in this case should be moderate so that the equipment does not suffer.

Exercises without additional equipment (calisthenics)

We will start with the most complex and basic version of deltoid muscle pumping. Upside down push-ups are probably the best exercise for the deltoid muscles in outdoor conditions without additional burdening. This option of push-ups is not suitable for everyone, but it has no equal in efficiency in calisthenics. This exercise will add volume, strength and a distinct form to the shoulders..

Instead of the previous option, you can use pushups by the house. It is easier to implement, but also quite effective. Well, if this option turned out to be difficult for you, then try to do push-ups, leaning from the racks of the bars. Here you can adjust your resistance yourself due to body position and muscle concentration.

As for the middle of the deltas, then in this case there is a great option that will iron this site. It is important to feel the working beam, so as not to load additional muscles. If during this exercise you feel severe discomfort in the joint, then it is better to refrain from it. You can also put something soft under your arm.

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In addition to the previous exercise, you can also use this non-standard exercise. It affects two beams at once, and to make it even harder, you can use an ordinary towel.

To load the rear deltas, you can use pull-ups on a low horizontal bar. For the back bundle to work, you need to spread your elbows to the sides, and for weighting you can put your legs on a hill. Well, if this option is not enough for you, it’s best to do pull-ups on the towel, spreading your elbows to the maximum, the effectiveness of this option increases significantly.

So we reviewed all the exercises for the deltoid muscles in outdoor conditions, if you still have questions, then ask them in the comments.