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Training program on uneven bars and horizontal bar (with tape)

bars horizontal

Training program on uneven bars and horizontal bar (with tape)

This parallel and horizontal bar training program is designed for those who want to increase muscle mass, strength and overall stamina..

A lot of time has passed since the writing of our debut article on the topic: “workout program for strength and mass”. Readers liked it and is still very popular to this day. This time we decided to go even further and diversified the training process as much as possible. So we had an excellent training program on uneven bars and a horizontal bar with a band expander. In addition to the standard set (horizontal bar + bars), we added exercises with elastic tape and most exercises are performed directly with it.

Today, rubber tape (shock absorber tape) is widely used in the fitness industry and, most importantly, it costs very little money. We advise you to buy this equipment for yourself, because with it, training becomes much more effective, the choice of exercises and the variability of working out various muscles significantly increase.

Attention, this program is intended for experienced athletes and is not suitable for beginners! If you have recently started training, then you should read the article “Workout for beginners”.

Training program on uneven bars and horizontal bar with tape

Goal: The main goal of this program is to increase the volume of muscle mass, develop overall strength endurance and increase the overall strength indicators of an athlete. Also, this program is perfect for those who quit their workouts in the gym and want to maintain the functionality, strength and volume of all muscle groups.

The number of sets / reps. The entire program is based on the implementation of 3-4 approaches in each exercise. But, because it is not written individually for one person, here you have the right to choose for yourself the optimal number of approaches and repetitions. “In addition to training, you need to monitor proper nutrition, the article“ nutrition for gaining muscle mass ”will help you with this.” If it’s hard for you to do 4 approaches in all exercises, then do 3 or even 2, it all depends on your level of preparedness. This applies to the choice of exercises, as well as repetitions. 8 exercises a lot? Make 6! Can’t do 10 reps? Do as much as you can.

Recreation. That which is suitable for one will not be suitable for another, therefore, if you give everyone one piece of advice, it will not be entirely correct. Therefore, we will single out the range of rest time from the minimum to the optimal acceptable. So, the range of rest between exercises inside the super series (A> A) should last from 0 (without rest) to 45 seconds. As for the rest between paired exercises (transition – A> B), here you can extend the time to the 1st (maximum 2e) minutes, but it is better to do everything with minimal rest. You must understand that the less you relax, the better, but this should not affect the effectiveness of the entire workout. Try to always count your opportunities ahead.

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Features of the program. In this program of training on uneven bars and horizontal bars, the principle of super series (super sets) is laid down, i.e. you perform 2 exercises, alternating one after another with minimal rest, and then move on to others. Moreover, both exercises in the super series are aimed at different muscle groups. The difference is that in one exercise the muscles work exclusively pulling, and in the other pushing (except for deltas), they are also called antagonists. Arnold himself trained according to a similar system, he loved her very much and repeatedly praised this method of training in his interviews.

Duration of classes. Following standard rules and general trends, we recommend training for 2-3 months on this scheme. A constant change of workouts, programs and exercises should always be present in your workouts.

Recommendations Always do a workout before training + a hitch at the end. If muscle hypertrophy is important to you, then try to count not the number of repetitions, but the time under load. The optimal indicator is 25-35 seconds of the exercise, but this does not apply to all exercises.

Pace of execution:

red – explosive pace (on effort);

orange – moderate / medium;

green – runs smoothly and under control.

Monday (chest + biceps)

* Twisting – 3 sets (for warming up)

A) Push-ups on bars with a resistance of 3-4 to 8-12

A) Pullups on one arm – 3-4 to failure

B) Stand press from the chest 3-4 to 8-12

B) Bending the arms while standing with a tape 3-4 to 6-12

C) Push-ups from the ground with a resistance of 3-4 to 10-20

C) Raising hands with a reverse grip 3-4 to 8-12

D) Information of hands with a tape 3-4 to failure

D) Hammer bends with a tape 3-4 to 6-10

Medium (back + triceps)

your hands

* Leg raises on the crossbar – 3 approaches (for warming up)

A) Pull-ups with a wide grip 3-4 to 8-15

A) Push-ups on one arm 3-4 to 6-12

B) The pull of the tape to the belt standing 3-4 to 8-12

B) Concentrated push-ups 3-4 to 6-12

C) Pullups along the bar 3-4 to 6-12

C) Extending the arms to triceps with a tape 3-4 to 6-10

D) The pull of the tape in a slope 3-4 to 8-12

D) Push-ups from the bench 3-4 to failure

Friday (shoulders + legs)

* Oblique twists – 3 sets (for warming up)

A) Bench press sitting 3-4 to 8-12

A) Squats on one leg with a support of 3-4 to 10-20

B) Breeding hands with a tape 3-4 to 8-12

B) Walking on a bench 3-4 for 10-20

C) Raises the hands in front of you or a broach 3-4 to 8-12

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C) Lunges with tape 10-20

D) Leading the arm back 3-4 to 8-12

D) Rises on socks in focus (on one leg) 4-8 to failure

Shrugs with a tape 3-4 to failure

We will consider each exercise separately. A good option for pumping the pectoral muscles, but for the exercise to be more effective, remember the following tips:

Keep your elbows wide apart

Tilt your body and bend your torso (look down)

Grip slightly wider than shoulder width

Explosive pace (push quickly and lower gently)

A very difficult exercise that not everyone can perform, but the result from it is extremely good. Perform pull-ups smoothly and try to pull all the weight with one hand due to biceps, excluding the back muscles.

The elbow joints must be parted apart, while the hands must move strictly in a straight line. Imagine that you have a fingerboard in your hands, so it will be easier for you to focus. Keep your chest tight and your chest chest “inflated”.

uneven bars

The grip should be palms toward you, you can also rotate the brush, while the biceps should always be in tension. Do not lower your arms to a vertical line, and do not bend them to the maximum.

It is advisable to put your feet on a hill so that triceps is harder to work and chest.

Keep your elbows apart

Keep incomplete amplitude at the top

Try not to push off the ground, but bring your elbows together

The setting of the hands is wide

We also recommend experimenting and rearranging this exercise at the end of the workout and pushing the triangle to the muscle failure.

Average grip, approximately at shoulder level. It is not the bicep itself that pumps it well, but the muscle directly passing under it (brachialis). You need to lower your hands in the exercise to the end, keeping in tension, bring your elbows slightly forward.

When you put your hands together, try to keep the peak load for 1-2 seconds. For greater stability, you can bring one leg forward. Keep the body slightly inclined forward, the back slightly arched, and the body is fixed. Throughout the exercise, the elbows do not fully extend. When breeding hands.

A very good basic exercise for training your arm muscles. Well suited for both beginners and experienced athletes. The grip is average, the thumb is looking up, the approach is technically and controlled.

Wide grip pull-ups.

A classic exercise that is present in almost all programs. Perform it at an explosive pace (quickly pull up and smoothly lower).

A difficult exercise requiring practice for yourself. If it’s hard for you to do push-ups on the ground, then try to do push-ups leaning on a bench. Choose an average pace and keep an eye on the elbow so that it is in a comfortable position in order to avoid a lot of stress on the joint.

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Pull your arms towards you and take your shoulder blades as much as possible. Exercise is good for pumping back thickness.

A very rare exercise, but we decided to add it because of the simplicity and effective pumping of triceps. Grasp the racks of the bars as low as possible, while the legs should be either straight or slightly bent. The execution is smooth, only triceps works. It is better to refrain from this exercise if it causes great discomfort in the elbow joint when the arm is extended..

A good solution for pumping the lower back, for this you need to bend the lower back when pulling up.

You can perform the exercise both standing and sitting. Well loads the lagging triceps muscles, if before that you only did push-ups on the uneven bars.

Another exercise in the piggy bank for pumping the thickness of the back. It is not difficult to learn and quite effective..

An explosive technique is used (quickly up and smoothly down), almost the entire triceps is pumped completely. For the best effect, it is advisable to throw your legs on a bench and put the weight on your belt, so you can load the muscles well.

Everything is standard here – this is a basic exercise that develops the deltoid muscles. Lower your hands to the level of your temples, it is advisable not to extend your arms as much as possible so that triceps works less.

Leg training should be given special attention. This exercise, although it can load the muscles of the legs, but you will not rock them much with this. Try cycling more, sprinting, and walking uphill if you need strong legs.

The elbows are always slightly bent, when raising your hands pierce the brush (imagine that you have glasses of water in your hand and you gradually pour out the water). Develops shoulder width, so you need to perform it regularly.

Steps are best done in a vest or with additional weights. A good solution for working out the hips and glutes.

The exercise is designed to pump the anterior bundle of deltoid muscles. Very popular in Kachkov’s environment.

Lunges are used for training buttocks and quadriceps. Often placed at the end of the program, as the final stage of leg training, for stimulation and muscle stretching.

Used to study the rear beam. Most often it is it that is the weak link in most athletes.

Pumping calves is not an easy task, especially if you do not attend the gym. Of course, you can perform normal lifts on socks with a partner. If you train yourself, then this option may well justify itself..

Trapeze is hard to train without a lot of weight, so for more effort it is better to double the expander and train the trapeze while sitting.