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Trophic ulcer treatment at home

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Trophic foot ulcer: home treatment

In this article, we will dwell in more detail on the issue of treating trophic ulcers at home and further prevention of this disease

Quite often now you can meet people suffering from such a problem as a trophic ulcer – this is a specific wound that is located on the legs. Most often, it is formed in the area of ​​the foot or lower leg. The causes of this ailment can be many, but in general this is due to poor blood supply. The main danger of this problem is that the healing period of such a wound is quite long, it can take several weeks to months, while it is accompanied by severe pain. In diabetes and varicose veins, this disease is generally considered one of the most dangerous, since the consequences may not be comforting and healing will last more than 2-3 months. Consider in detail such a disease as a trophic ulcer on the leg, treatment at home.

There are a fairly large number of effective drugs for treating such an ailment, even at home. But going to the pharmacy, buying an ointment and just smearing her leg is not enough treatment. The elimination of this problem is a real team work, in which the patient plays a special role. If the patient really understands his problem, its specifics and is helped by relatives, doctors, he will quickly begin to recover, even if the disease is not already at the first stage. It is impossible to completely eliminate the cause of the problem, so treatment with folk remedies or drugs should last until the end of life in order to avoid the recurrence of the problem.

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The main causes of ulcer formation May cause the development of the disease:

Chronic ailments of the skin;

Venous insufficiency;


Circulatory disturbance;

foot ulcer

Infectious diseases, etc..

In special cases, the cause is frostbite of bedsores due to complete immobilization or in case of severe poisoning by chemical elements.

Risk factors that can lead to trophic ulcers One of the main risk factors is heredity. Experts have already proven that heredity plays a particularly important role in this case. Since vein expansion is very common in whole generations. The first signs of an illness can manifest themselves even in youth.

Another risk factor is the presence of excess weight. Excessive weight creates an extra load on the lower limbs, in addition, due to fat, the legs are not enriched with enough blood.

Most often, this problem is formed in women in old age. And basically these are women who have worked all their lives “on their feet” or in a sitting position. The thing is that regular movement activates the movement of blood in the body. Prolonged standing or sitting in place – increase the risk of ulceration, as stagnation in the veins increases. The risk group includes women working as hairdressers, sellers, secretaries, chauffeurs, etc..

Pregnancy is also able to negatively affect the formation of a problem, since in the process of bearing the child constantly presses on the abdominal cavity and lower limbs. Also during pregnancy, hormonal changes can also cause problems. In general, pregnancy is not the cause of ulcers, but it can accelerate the onset of this ailment..

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Symptoms of the disease A change in skin color is one of the dangerous signals that claims that venous insufficiency has reached a condition where there is a risk of ulcers. As soon as you notice a discoloration of the skin on your feet, the problem area has acquired a purple tint, immediately visit your doctor. Only he knows how to treat the problem and will give a real prognosis. In addition, he will talk about whether the disease is contagious or not, prescribe medications that can be used even at home.

The main symptoms may include lump on the leg, sclerosis, white heel and inflammation.

treatment home

Treatments for trophic ulcers In order to reduce the risk of a problem, we recommend that you move as much as possible. Some doctors say that in the calves of the legs – the second heart, which contributes to the rapid pumping of blood. Therefore, to improve metabolism, you just need to walk daily, ride a bicycle, or go to the gym. So you yourself will make the vessels work, without chemicals and various alternative medicine.

If a problem has already occurred, doctors most often advise resorting to surgical intervention. If the condition is not triggered, then under the supervision of a specialist you need to constantly wash the wounds with an antiseptic, use special ointments.

For treatment at home, you must:

Daily morning exercises;

Monitor proper nutrition, eliminate fatty foods from the diet;

Order orthopedic insoles to reduce the load on your feet;

Lying on a sofa or in bed, do gymnastics specifically for the legs, do bends and other movements to activate blood circulation.

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Enzyme preparations are excellent as drug therapy..