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Water and sports how to drink, when and how much

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Water and sports: how to drink, when and how much

Water is an important component in nutrition and training, because muscle strength also depends on water. In this article, you will find out when and how much water to drink..

Any physical activity is a step towards maintaining health and longevity. During active sports, blood circulation increases, but all tissues are heated. To maintain body temperature, the body tries to cool itself and begins to sweat actively. Depending on the sport, during an intense workout in the gym, a person may lose up to one or two liters of fluid in the form of sweat and moisture released during breathing..

Sweat performs not only the function of thermoregulation. Together with it, salts and decay products are removed from the blood plasma, which has positive consequences for the body, as well as water. If its deficit increases all the time, training can end with dehydration. Therefore, it is logical that many coaches require that the athlete should have a bottle of clean drinking water with him during class.

The consequences of dehydration during exercise

Due to lack of water during active sports, a person’s blood thickens. This means that its viscosity increases, while an insufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients enter the brain and muscles. The athlete may appear the first signs of dehydration:

headache and dizziness;

active sports

thirst and dry mouth;

muscle weakness and fatigue;

loss of stamina and lack of coordination of movements;

redness of the skin.

Due to a lack of water, the heart begins to pump thickened blood more actively, and the load on it increases. In conditions of oxygen starvation, the effectiveness of training decreases, and increased loads on the heart muscle can lead to damage to the blood arteries and coronary heart disease, requiring emergency hospitalization of a person.

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How to use water

life-giving moisture

To prevent dehydration during training, it should be understood that drinking pure water is an important element of the training process. A good coach does not forget to remind wards that it is necessary to adhere to the drinking regime:

depending on the sport and the intensity of the load an hour or a half before the start of classes you should drink from 300 ml to 500 ml of life-giving moisture;

every 15-20 minutes of active physical activity use 150-200 ml of purified water;

fluid temperature should not be lower than room temperature so as not to provoke inflammatory processes.

You can not go to the other extreme – drink too much water immediately after training, as this can lead to hyperhydration, in which too many beneficial trace elements are excreted from the body. Symptoms of this condition are nausea and vomiting, seizures, dizziness, and loss of consciousness..

So that the liquid does not cause harm, you should drink purified water at room temperature without gas, sugar, flavor enhancers and flavors. You can get such life-giving moisture by purchasing an affordable Korean filter for water purification in an online store of Coolmart mineralizing water purifiers at an affordable price. Only such water will be instantly absorbed in the digestive tract and enter the bloodstream, allowing the athlete to always stay in shape.